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There are many different types of lesions that can appear on the skin, some that can be cancerous or pre-cancerous. There are hundreds of different lesions, mostly benign, that may have health and aesthetic implications. From irregular moles to dry, scaly patches of skin, lesions are more common on the face and neck, which have more exposure to UV rays. If you have a growth on your skin, it may be time to consider treatment. Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers skin lesions removal at our facility in Irving, TX.

Symptoms of Pre-Cancerous Skin Lesions

Skin cancer is a deadly disease, but it can be effectively treated in the early stages. The best method for avoiding skin cancer is preventive measures. Avoiding excessive sun exposure, wearing sunscreen and performing skin examinations are prudent measures for prevention. When a suspicious skin lesion appears, it may be best to have it removed. Symptoms of pre-cancerous skin lesions include:

  • Patches of dry or scaly skin
  • Raised above the skin
  • Texture similar to warts
  • Vary in color

Pre-cancerous lesions do not always become malignant. But it may be recommended to have them removed as a preventive measure. They may also be unattractive when they appear on your face or neck.

Skin Lesion and Cancer Removal

There are various options for removing pre-cancerous skin lesions. Depending on the size and location, surgical or non-surgical methods may be used. Some lesions can be effectively eliminated with laser or light treatments. Cryotherapy and excision methods can also be used. Dr. Stefan Shuaib can recommend the least invasive method for lesion removal – most can be performed under local anesthesia at our office in Irving, TX.

If a skin lesion does become cancerous, Dr. Shuaib also offer Mohs surgery through our facility. His expertise can ensure improved healing and aesthetics of the skin after the cancerous mole or lesion is removed.

When a suspicious growth appears on your skin, it should be evaluated for possible skin cancer. If you need a lesion removed, contact our team at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center to schedule your skin lesion removal consultation with Dr. Shuaib.

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