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When you have dark circles or bags under your eyes, it can detract from your appearance. It may appear that you are tired, or you may look older than you feel. While lack of sleep or dehydration can create under-the-eye puffiness or circles, it is only temporary. If you have permanent hollows, bags or circles under the eyes, there are non-surgical cosmetic options. Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers treatment for dark circles under the eyes at our clinic in Irving, TX.

Permanent dark circles under the eyes are usually due to thin skin or deepened tear troughs. Genetics, aging and other factors can contribute to the appearance of dark circles that do not go away even when you are well rested. Loss of volume in the skin and tissues under the eyes is common with aging, but some young people also have circles under their eyes.

Cosmetic, non-surgical treatment for dark circles under eyes is usually dermal filler injections. This can increase the volume in and under the skin to hide the blood vessels that are visible under the eyes. Dermal fillers can also fill tear troughs that can create dark shadows under the eyes that make you look tired.

Treatment for Eye Bags

Puffy bags under the eyes are another issue that is common with aging. The delicate skin under the eyes can droop, making puffy bags. For extreme eye bags, blepharoplasty, or an eyelid lift surgery, is needed. However, for mild eye bags, there are cosmetic treatments that can minimize their appearance.

Dermal fillers can plump under the skin to reduce the appearance of eye bags. Adding filler can smooth the transition from the undereye area to the upper cheek, diminishing bags under the eyes. Laser or RF treatments can also be beneficial, stimulating collagen production to firm and lift the thin skin under the eyes.

If you are interested in non-surgical treatments for dark circles or bags under the eyes, come see us at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center. Contact our office in Irving, TX, to schedule a cosmetic consultation.

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