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Birthmarks can be concerning for parents, but many do not pose a health risk for children. Hemangiomas are a common type of birthmark or vascular tumor that are usually dark red or purple in appearance and typically appears on the face, neck, arms or upper torso. If your child has a hemangioma, you may want to explore options for removal. At Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center, we offer hemangioma treatment at our Irving, TX, facility.

Infantile hemangiomas can be present at birth or appear during the first few months of a child’s life. They appear as dark reddish marks on the skin at first, then grow in height to a squishy red bump over several months. Hemangiomas are a collection of blood vessels that grow quickly into bumpy formations or tumors. The birthmark can be a small, red area on the scalp or may cover most of a baby’s arm. After several months of growth, hemangiomas typically enter a rest phase and then begin to fade away.

For many children, hemangiomas can disappear by the age of five and almost always by age 10. However, when these are large vascular tumors on the face or neck, parents may want to consider hemangioma treatment. There are also other types of less common hemangiomas that may occur in older children or adults.

Removal of Strawberry Birthmarks

If you are concerned about the appearance of a hemangioma on your child’s face, neck or other area, there are possible removal treatments. Medications or steroids are one possible option for hemangioma treatment, but there are possible side effects from medical treatment. Another option is laser treatments to destroy the blood vessels under the skin that cause the tumor, fading away the hemangioma.

While many hemangiomas do not need treatment or removal, there are cases when this may be the best option for the child. If you are concerned about your child’s hemangioma, or if you have a hemangioma, Dr. Stefan Shuaib can evaluate the growth and determine if removal is a viable and safe option.

To learn more about hemangioma removal, contact our team at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center at our Irving, TX, clinic to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shuaib and explore whether hemangioma treatment is appropriate for you or your child.

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