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The shape and structure of the Asian eye varies greatly depending on genetics and ethnicity. One of the features that makes the Asian eye unique is the single upper eyelid. Approximately 50% of individuals of Asian descent have a single versus double eyelid, which is not always desirable. Asian eyelid surgery is an eye procedure to add the crease to the upper eyelid, creating the double eyelid appearance.

Dr. Stefan Shuaib at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center is a highly respected facial plastic surgeon who performs Asian blepharoplasty to create the double eyelid. He is double board certified in Facial Plastic Surgery and in Head and Neck Surgery, and has earned his reputation as one of the top facial plastic surgeons in the greater Dallas area. His meticulous attention to detail and perfectionism make him one of the best surgeons to complete intricate procedures such as an Asian eyelid surgery.

Double Eyelid Plastic Surgery

The goal of Asian blepharoplasty is often to create the double eyelid, helping to enhance the appearance of the eyes. Single eyelids can create eyes that look smaller and have less definition. For many individuals, a double eyelid is desirable for utilizing eye makeup and improving the options available for adorning the eyes. The outcome can be more symmetrical, open, almond-shaped eyes with a visible crease on the upper eyelid.

When performing Asian eyelid surgery, Dr. Shuaib works closely with the patient to determine the best look for their eyes. Every procedure and patient are unique, but most patients want to retain the ethnic appearance of the eyes while creating a more attractive appearance. He discusses the various techniques that can be used to reshape the eyes and transform the upper lid, recommending the best method to achieve the desired outcome for the patient.

If you want to reshape your eyes and add a double eyelid, Asian eyelid surgery may be the solution. To discuss the eye appearance that you desire and learn about Asian blepharoplasty, contact us at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center. We can book your appointment for a private consultation with Dr. Stefan Shuaib. Call our office in Irving, TX, to schedule your visit.

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