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The nose only has bones in the top third of the structure, but these bones are susceptible to fractures. Trauma to the nose and face can break the nose, a painful injury that can change the nose shape and function. Many nasal fractures are mild and do not require surgery to repair – splints can be used to hold the bones in place while they heal. However, more severe broken noses may need surgery. Dr. Stefan Shuaib offers nasal fracture repair and nose reshaping at our Irving, TX, facility.

A broken nose will cause immediate pain and most individuals will experience swelling and bruising, and black eyes are common with nasal fractures. Severe fractures can deform the nose shape and may impact nasal breathing. The least invasive option for performing a nasal fracture repair is a closed reduction.

With a closed reduction of a nasal fracture, the patient is put under anesthesia and the nose is manually manipulated. Using pressure, the nose bones are restored to the correct position without performing incisions or surgery. Dr. Shuaib can use instruments and his hands to reshape the nasal bones, then use a cast to hold the nose bones in place while it heals. Closed reduction nasal fracture repairs can only be performed within two weeks of the injury.

Open Reduction for a Broken Nose

When a closed reduction is not possible or if it has been more than two weeks since the nasal fracture, open reduction may be needed to reshape the nasal bones. If the bones have begun to heal, they will need to be refractured to allow repositioning. This is a surgical procedure, usually performed through small incisions inside the nose to realign the bones.

Dr. Shuaib is a highly respected facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty expert. If there are other aesthetic concerns with the nose, he can perform nose reshaping or rhinoplasty while fixing the nasal fracture.

If you have a severe broken nose that is causing aesthetic or functional problems, contact us at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center. We can schedule a nasal fracture consultation with Dr. Shuaib at our Irving, TX, center.

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