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When you begin to see slightly heavier jowls or a diminishing jawline, you are witnessing the effects of gravity and aging. No matter what you do, you cannot stop the aging process, but you can manage it. Facelift surgery is the most reliable procedure for managing sagging skin and tissue in the lower face and upper neck, but a full facelift is not necessary in the early stages. Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers mini facelift surgery for facial rejuvenation at our clinic in Irving, TX.

What Is a Mini Facelift?

Traditional facelift surgery requires larger incisions to excise skin and tighten the lower face tissues. When there is minimal sagging, it may not be necessary to excise skin and smaller incisions can be used. With a mini facelift, the procedure is less invasive. There are smaller incisions that are discreetly hidden in the hairline. The skin and tissue in the lower face is tightened to create a more defined jawline, neck contour and firm appearance.

The mini facelift is often referred to as the “weekend facelift.” While some facelift surgeries can require two weeks for recovery, the mini version is much less invasive, and the recovery is quicker. Patients that are looking to manage the aging process can have this procedure and expect minimal downtime after their surgery.

Are You a Candidate for a Mini Facelift?

Many people do not seek a facelift until their fifties or beyond, but the mini facelift is designed for younger patients. Depending on the person, some patients may seek a mini facelift in their late thirties or early forties if they have early signs of sagging, lines or wrinkles in the lower face. More severe sagging or jowls may require a lower facelift, midface facelift or deep plane facelift, which we offer at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center.

Dr. Stefan Shuaib is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon and facelift specialist. He offers facelift procedures with minimal bruising, no drains and quicker recoveries, including a mini facelift surgery option. To schedule a facelift consultation, contact us at our location in Irving, TX today.

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