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The orbital bones that protect and surround the eyes are susceptible to fractures from facial impact. The orbital sockets contain thin bone that can break with a blow to the head or face. Orbital fractures can endanger the eyes and cause deformity in the facial structure. At Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center, we offer orbital fracture treatment as one of our facial reconstructive surgery procedures at our facility in Irving, TX.

Orbital fractures are common with trauma to the face. The eye socket is designed to buckle under impact – this feature can actually protect the eye from damage. When an orbital or eye socket fracture occurs, symptoms can include:

  • Black eye or bruising around the eye
  • Swelling around the eye, cheek and forehead
  • Double vision
  • Difficulty looking up, down or side-to-side
  • Bulging or sunken eye appearance
  • Flat appearance to the cheek

The good news is that most orbital fractures can heal without need for surgery or serious medical treatment. Small fractures can close on their own if no further pressure or damage occurs. However, every suspected eye socket fracture should be evaluated by a doctor. In some cases, orbital fractures require surgery to repair the eye socket.

Eye Socket Reconstruction

Orbital fractures that happen on the floor or bottom of the eye socket are the most common type to require surgery. The patient will often present with double vision and numbness in the cheek or upper jaw; they may also have a changed eye position. The primary goals with orbital fracture repair surgery are to restore function to the eyes and relieve symptoms, but aesthetics are also important, as the injury impacts the appearance of the eyes and face.

Dr. Stefan Shuaib is a double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with many years of expertise. If an orbital fracture requires eye socket reconstruction surgery, he can often perform this surgery through a small incision inside the eyelid. This can hide the incision and scar, while giving Dr. Shuaib access to the bones to complete the repair.

If you have symptoms of an orbital fracture, it is vital to seek medical attention. When surgery is required, you want to ensure form and function are restored to your face. Contact us at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shuaib at our center in Irving, TX. Dr. Shuaib is double board certified in Facial Plastic Surgery and in Head and Neck Surgery.

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