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The protrusion of the nose puts it at risk for injury. Auto accidents, sports injuries, falls and other causes of facial trauma can result in a broken or fractured nose. If not properly repaired after an injury, the nose can heal crooked, impacting the appearance and possibly its function. If you have a crooked nose, correction surgery is available at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Irving, TX.

There are bones and cartilage that make up the nose structure. When any of these are damaged from trauma, it can be referred to as a broken nose. The nasal bone only supports the top third of the nasal bridge – the rest of the nose is erected with cartilage nasal side walls, septum and nasal tip. When a broken nose occurs and the nasal bone or cartilage heals naturally, it can create a crooked appearance.

Crooked nose correction is one of the most common reasons individuals seek rhinoplasty. The nose leaning to one side creates a symmetrical deformity that is distracting to the eye. If the septum is deviated or there is a severe kink in the cartilage, it can cause breathing obstructions and other functional issues. Rhinoplasty can be used to address functional problems and to create a straight, aesthetically pleasing nose shape.

Broken Nose Rhinoplasty

Dr. Stefan Shuaib is a rhinoplasty specialist and highly respected facial plastic surgeon. His expertise in nose reshaping and reconstruction are ideal for correcting a broken nose for aesthetics and functionality. A broken nose repair can require that the nasal bone be refractured if it healed incorrectly, but this allows it to be reset into the correct position. Cartilage reshaping and grafting may be needed for some crooked nose repairs. Dr. Shuaib can restore a straight, balanced nose appearance and ensure correct function when completing a crooked nose correction surgery.

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your crooked nose? Dr. Stefan Shuaib at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers both surgical and non-surgical crooked nose correction at our center in Irving, TX. To learn more, contact our office to book your broken nose rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Shuaib.

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