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There have been phenomenal advancements in cosmetic treatments over the last few decades. More individuals can improve their appearance with minimally invasive or non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures. At Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center, we have a wide selection of cosmetic injectables, laser treatments and other non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments can be used to avoid plastic surgery or in conjunction with surgical enhancements. There are many trouble areas that can be addressed without plastic surgery, from reshaping facial features to improving skin appearance. Our patients at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center can choose from a wide list of cosmetic treatments for addressing aesthetic concerns from aging issues to facial scarring and blemishes. Most can be performed in a quick office visit at our aesthetic center in Irving, TX.

Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Treatments

Significant improvements can be made to your appearance without plastic surgery. While there are some facial enhancements that can only be accomplished with surgery, there are many issues that can be fixed with non-surgical options. Dr. Stefan Shuaib and our aesthetic team can perform many treatments that require little or no downtime at our cosmetic centers in the Dallas, TX, area. Our non-surgical cosmetic procedures include:

You deserve to feel confident and look your best at every age. With non-surgical skin treatments and facial reshaping options, you can achieve your best look with or without plastic surgery.

Facial Cosmetic Treatments Near Dallas

Feel great about the face you see in the mirror every day with cosmetic procedures from Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center. To learn more about our non-surgical aesthetic treatments, contact our team at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Irving , TX, to schedule your personal cosmetic consultation.

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