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When the tip of the nose turns upward, it can appear short and unbalanced with the rest of the face. Often referred to as a “pig” or “pug” nose, this occurs when the nasal tip or over-rotated. Reshaping the nasal tip can create a more attractive nose appearance. At Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center, we offer over-rotated nose correction surgery at our facility in Irving, TX.

A short or over-rotated nose can be genetic, a birth defect or due to damage to the nose. Short noses look too small for the face – a small pixie nose on a littler person may look normal, but that same nose will look out of place on a larger person. The length of the nose is from the top of the bridge to the tip. If this is too short, often the tip will also be over-rotated or turned upward.

An upward turned or over-rotated tip nose shows the nostrils, reminiscent of a pig’s nose. This can occur when an individual has a saddle nose deformity, when the bridge collapses from an injury or damage to the supporting cartilage. Previous rhinoplasty surgery is a common cause of a short or over-rotated nose. If too much cartilage was removed, the nose may not have enough support, resulting in the upturned nasal tip once the bridge sinks downward.

Lengthening a Short Nose

Over-rotated nose correction surgery and lengthening the nose are among the most difficult types of rhinoplasty procedures. Extending the nasal bridge and lowering the upturned tip require extensive cartilage grafting, usually harvesting cartilage from the ribcage or septum. If the over-rotation was caused by a previous rhinoplasty, the bridge and nose structure may need repair to support the new nose shape.

Dr. Stefan Shuaib is a highly respected and talented facial plastic surgeon. He specializes in intricate rhinoplasty procedures, including lengthening a short nose or lowering an upturned nasal tip. If you have an upturned or short nose and you want to seek rhinoplasty, contact us at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Irving, TX. We can schedule a nose reshaping consultation with Dr. Stefan Shuaib to discuss over-rotation nose correction surgery.

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