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Rhinophyma is an inflammatory skin condition that impacts the sebaceous glands, blood vessels and skin on the nose. Over time, the nasal skin becomes thicker, red and bumpy, often deforming the shape of the nose. While there are treatments that can help control rhinophyma, when the nose shape has been distorted, rhinoplasty may be a solution to restore a natural nose shape. Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers plastic surgery for rhinophyma at our facility in Irving, TX.

The exact cause of rhinophyma is not known, but it is related to acne rosacea. It is more common in older males between the ages of 50-70. Rhinophyma generally occurs in late stage rosacea, causing inflamed sebaceous glands that can change the shape of the nose. The nasal tip becomes larger and more bulbous, noticeably misshapen over time. Laser skin treatments and cryotherapy are options for rhinophyma treatment, but if the nose is extremely enlarged, surgery may be indicated to improve the nose appearance.

Treatment for Rhinophyma

Dr. Stefan Shuaib is an experienced facial plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic nose plastic surgery. He customizes every rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, to the patient to achieve the desired outcome. For rhinophyma patients, Dr. Shuaib will first discuss all the treatment options available, including non-surgical procedures, rhinophyma resection and rhinoplasty. Some patients may benefit from a combination of resection and laser treatments, but Dr. Shuaib will personalize the treatment plan to the patient’s specific needs.

There is not a cure for rhinophyma, but treatment and surgery can reshape the nose and improve the skin appearance. Dr. Shuaib has an artistic eye and advanced surgical skills – you will be in excellent hands if you choose to opt for plastic surgery for rhinophyma treatment.

To learn more about rhinophyma treatment options, contact our team at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Irving, TX, office to book your visit to our plastic surgery center. Our staff can schedule a personal consultation to discuss rhinophyma surgery or treatment with Dr. Stefan Shuaib.

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