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The nose is one of the most common facial features to be damaged from trauma, injuries and disease. Its prominent and central position make it susceptible to fractures, skin cancer lesions and other damage to the structure. Nose damage can impact your breathing, sleeping and appearance. If you have a damaged nose, Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers nasal reconstruction surgery at our center in Irving, TX.

Broken Nose Repair

The nose structure contains a small bone that supports the upper bridge, with cartilage nasal walls, septum and nasal tip. A broken nose is a common injury, referring to a fracture of the nasal bone and possible cartilage damage. While not all broken noses need reconstruction, when the nasal passages are blocked or there is extensive damage to the structure, plastic surgery may be needed.

During nasal reconstruction for a broken nose, the nasal bone and cartilage may need repair. Cartilage grafting may be used to restore weakened nasal walls or a damaged septum. The primary goal is to ensure breathing function, but restoring aesthetics is also a concern.

Nasal Disease Reconstruction

Disease and defects of the nose can require nasal reconstruction surgery. Skin cancer removal with Mohs surgery can remove skin and cartilage from the nose, rendering it dysfunctional and deformed. Other diseases and lifestyle choices can result in a deviated or collapsed septum, requiring reconstructive surgery to restore form and function.

Dr. Stefan Shuaib is an experienced facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction surgery. He is double board certified, in Facial Plastic Surgery and in Head and Neck Surgery, and has an excellent reputation for his meticulous and beautiful plastic surgery results. If you have sustained nose trauma or disease and require nasal reconstruction surgery, you can trust the expertise of Dr. Shuaib.

If you have a disfigured nose from an injury or nasal condition, contact us at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center at our Irving, TX, office to schedule a nasal reconstruction surgery consultation with Dr. Shuaib. Our team can book your appointment, and begin your journey to restore your nasal breathing and nose appearance.

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