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You have little control over where your body will store fat, including on your face and neck. Genetics, hormone balance and other factors can determine whether you will have chunky cheeks or excess skin around your neck. To achieve a slimmer, more angular facial structure, liposuction can be performed. Dr. Stefan Shuaib at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers advanced facial liposculpture to create the desired facial shape and contours.

Excess facial fat is often found around the midface and cheeks. Even when your body weight is within normal ranges, you can have a round, chubby face. For many men and women, this extra fat hides their features and may make them appear heavier. Liposuction can remove the fat under the skin to reveal more chiseled features, including contours in the lower cheek, defined cheekbones or a firmer jawline. With liposculpture, the facial shape can be changed to look more heart-shaped or angular versus round or square.

Facial Liposuction Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stefan Shuaib is dual board certified as a facial plastic surgeon with a reputation for his detailed facial alterations. His expertise in reshaping the face using precise techniques can reveal a more attractive appearance. For facial liposuction, Dr. Shuaib carefully removes fat to define the desired facial features and slim heavy areas. The procedure can create contours in the cheeks and a more defined jaw that can lend to a more attractive appearance.

Once fat cells are removed with liposuction, they do not return. Facial liposculpture will permanently remove fat that had been with the patient since childhood. Liposuction can be performed safely to reshape the face to create a chiseled, sexy appearance, but you want a highly experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Shuaib to complete your procedure.

If you want a slimmer, more angular facial appearance, liposuction may be the right treatment to obtain the desired results. To learn more about facial liposculpture, contact us at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center. Our office in Irving are nearby Dallas, TX, call today to book your consultation with Dr. Stefan Shuaib.

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