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The neck area is prone to lines, pronounced muscles and sagging skin. If your neck is looking older, there are options to rejuvenate the skin and tissue without plastic surgery. Our aesthetic team at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers cosmetic treatments for neck skin tightening. We can combine various treatments to obtain a non-surgical neck lift at our Irving, TX, location.

Neck lines and cords along with looser skin can impact your appearance. Not only can it impact the neck shape, but it may also change the definition of the jawline and chin. Surgical neck lifts can tighten and contour the neck to make it look more youthful, but not everyone needs or wants plastic surgery. Another option for the earlier stages of neck aging is the non-surgical neck lift.

To achieve a more youthful neck appearance, there are a few different cosmetic treatments that may be used. Botox® injections are effective to help reduce the appearance of the vertical neck bands or cords, as the relaxation of the neck muscles can stop the protruding cords. Dermal fillers can also be used for neck lines, smoothing these horizontal creases. For an overall rejuvenation, neck skin tightening treatments are ideal for a more youthful neck appearance.

Neck Skin Tightening

Cosmetic skin tightening procedures can increase the collagen to firm the neck. We offer non-surgical skin tightening treatments that can stimulate collagen production and reverse some signs of aging. If you have evidence of sagging skin on your neck, our aesthetics team can recommend a combination of cosmetic treatments to reduce lines, cords and other signs of aging.

Non-surgical neck lift procedures can be tailored to the patient. Dr. Stefan Shuaib utilizes advanced cosmetic treatments that can rejuvenate the neck without incisions or downtime. When the time comes for a more aggressive neck rejuvenation, Dr. Shuaib also offers his deep plane neck lift with minimal bruising and quicker recovery times.

Restore a firmer, more youthful neck with cosmetic treatments. Contact us at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center to schedule a non-surgical neck lift consultation. Call our Irving, TX, clinic to book your appointment with Dr. Shuaib.

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