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Rhinoplasty is one of the most requested facial cosmetic surgeries, and with good reason. The profound aesthetic impact made by refining a large, flat, sideways or misshapen nose is incredible. However, many individuals pursuing rhinoplasty are concerned about the pain and discomfort after the procedure. Dr. Stefan Shuaib at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center is a rhinoplasty specialist who offers an improved recovery for his rhinoplasty patients.

Rhinoplasty procedures can vary greatly, which also means the recovery is different for each patient. Small alterations to only the nostrils or alar base will produce much less bruising and swelling than an open rhinoplasty to reshape the major components of the nose like the tip or bridge. However, almost all nose job surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, and patients can expect to recover at home.

Recovery Timeline

As previously mentioned, the recovery for each patient may be different depending on the procedures used. However, Dr. Shuaib uses advanced techniques that can reduce the recovery time needed from all types of rhinoplasty procedures. His patients tend to experience less bruising, swelling and a quicker recovery than typical rhinoplasty patients. The timeline for nose job surgery recovery is as follows:

  • First 24 hours – Use cold compresses, and change the mustache dressing as needed. Pain medication can be used for any discomfort.
  • First 72 hours – The maximum pain, swelling and bruising occurs in the first few days. Most patients do not require pain medication after day three and begin noticing dissipating bruising and swelling.
  • First and second week – Patients should sleep with their head elevated for at least one week. Most patient will have stiches and any dressing removed the first or second week.
  • First month – After week two, bruising should be gone and swelling should be greatly diminished, at least 50%, by the end of the month.

The nose is susceptible to swelling, and there should be the expectation of swelling during the recovery process. By three months post-op, most patients have decreased their swelling by 70% and the rest of the swelling should be completely gone by the end of the year.

Do I Need Nasal Packing?

One of the most dreaded aspects of post-rhinoplasty recovery is nasal packing. For decades, this was standard procedure for almost all nose job surgeries. Dr. Shuaib does not use nasal packing for his rhinoplasty patients, which is much more comfortable. It is easier to breathe and sleep without the packing inside the nose. Only in rare circumstances is packing needed for rhinoplasty patients at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center.

If you are considering rhinoplasty, it is important to know what to expect during recovery. The advanced methods used by Dr. Shuaib can minimize bruising and offer a quicker, less painful recovery without nasal packing. To schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Shuaib, call our office in Irving, TX.

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