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Sun exposure, aging and other factors can create dark spots on your skin. Referred to as age or sun spots, non-surgical treatment is often sought to remove these freckles on the skin. Most brown spots are harmless, but they can cause cosmetic concerns. At Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center, we offer age and sun spots removal at our clinic in Irving, TX.

Most brown spots that occur on the skin with age are solar lentigo, collections of pigmented skin cells that have collected together over years of sun exposure. Most people over 50 have age spots on their hands, face, arms or chest, usually areas that see the most sun. The pigmented cells or melanin collect on the top surface of the skin and can be removed with a number of sun spots treatment options. One of the most effective ways to remove brown spots is with laser treatments.

Brown Spot Laser Treatment

Laser skin treatments can target darker skin cells for removal. If you have brown or age spots on your hands, face or neck that you want erased, a non-invasive laser treatment session may be the best option to remove these dark lesions. The light energy is attracted to the dark pigment. The darker skin cells are damaged; in the days and weeks after treatment, the dark spots will flake away. Most laser treatments that can remove sun spots do not require downtime after the procedure – the skin may be red or sensitive, but you can return to normal activities.

Laser treatments are only one option for removing brown spots. Other options include chemical peels or dermabrasion, which can remove the top skin cells, including the darker pigmented cells. We offer a variety of treatments that can be effective at removing sun spots. If you have other skin concerns, you may want to choose a treatment that can have multiple benefits.

If brown spots on your skin are making you appear older, consider skin treatments to restore youthful tone and texture. Contact Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center at our Irving, TX, location to schedule a brown spot removal consultation.

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