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The masseter muscles are the largest jaw muscles, providing strength for chewing and moving the mouth. Situated on the outside of the jaw, these muscles help shape the face. Thicker masseter muscles can widen the lower face and jaw, creating a square or round facial shape. This can appear more masculine, which is not desirable for some individuals. At Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center, we offer surgical and non-surgical masseter reduction at our clinic in Irving, TX.

A wide or square jaw can be an attractive feature if you want a masculine appearance. If you want to look more feminine, a wide jaw is not desirable. While it is difficult to change the bone structure, the soft tissues like the masseter muscles can be reduced. Dr. Stefan Shuaib is a talented facial plastic surgeon that can perform non-surgical and surgical masseter reduction procedures to feminize and slim the jaw area.

Non-Surgical Masseter Reduction

To help shrink the masseter muscles in size, neuromodulator injections are a non-surgical option. Botox® injections can help relax the jaw muscles to allow them to reduce in size. Like any muscle, if the masseter muscle is used less, it will become smaller. Over a few months, the lower face can become slimmer. Repeated Botox injections may be needed in 3-4 months to achieve results. This treatment can create a more feminine appearance and lend to a heart-shaped face that many patients desire.

Jaw Muscle Surgery

To create a more dramatic change to the masseter muscles, plastic surgery may be required. Masseter reduction surgery can remove some of the muscle to shape the face and jaw. Incisions can be made inside the mouth to access the muscle on both sides and small portions are removed to shrink the width of the jaw. Since the incisions are inside the cheek, the scar is well hidden.

If you are unhappy with a round or square face caused by larger jaw muscles, consider the benefits of masseter reduction. Contact us at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center to schedule a masseter reduction consultation with Dr. Shuaib. Call our clinic in Irving, TX, to book your appointment.

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