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Most scar tissue stops forming once a wound is repaired, becoming flush with the skin around it. Hypertrophic scars are raised scars that grow with the boundaries of the wound, but some of these raised scars can become keloids. A keloid scar continues to grow scar tissue, raised above the skin and growing outside of the original wound. Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers keloid scar removal at our facility in Irving, TX.

Keloid scarring primarily affects teens and young adults. It is more common amongst darker-skin ethnic groups and males are more prone than females. A keloid growth can be started by any wound to the skin, including acne and piercings. The most common areas for keloids to appear are on the face, ears, neck and upper torso. Symptoms of keloid scarring include:

  • Shiny, hairless bumps of skin
  • Raised or thick scar tissue
  • Red, brown or purplish scar growing outside the wound boundary
  • Itching

Keloid scars can continue to grow for years after the wound. In severe cases, the scars can become very large and disfiguring. Keloid scar removal is complex; simply removing the scar tissue is not effective, as the keloid can grow back, sometimes at an accelerated rate.

Keloid Scar Revision and Treatment

Keloid scar removal requires a multiple treatment approach. The scar tissue can be removed through laser treatment, dermabrasion or surgical excision, but there must also be preventive treatment to stop new tissue from forming. Steroid treatments, silicone sheets and other therapies can be used to help remove the keloid and prevent a new keloid from forming.

Dr. Stefan Shuaib is a highly skilled facial plastic surgeon and keloid scar removal expert. He can tailor a comprehensive treatment plan to remove existing keloid scars and preventive measures to avoid new keloid tissue from forming.

Keloid scar removal can be complex and require multiple steps to ensure the growth does not return. If you have symptoms of a keloid scar, seek treatment to stop the growth as soon as possible. To schedule a keloid scar removal consultation, contact us at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Irving, TX, location to book your appointment with Dr. Shuaib to discuss treatment options.

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