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Neuromodulator injections have taken the world by storm in the last few decades. Botox® was the first FDA-approved neuromodulator for cosmetic treatment, but it certainly was not the last. Jeuveau® injections have similar effects to Botox, but a slightly different formula, which may be better for some patients. At Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center, we offer quality, safe neuromodulator treatments for frown lines, including Jeuveau injections.

Jeuveau is a brand name of botulinum toxin type A, just like Botox. Both are used for cosmetic treatments for smoothing dynamic lines on the face. Jeuveau is the fourth neuromodulator to receive FDA approval for frown line treatment, but it is the closest in molecular formulation to Botox. The molecular weight of the Jeuveau formula is very close to Botox, which makes it an excellent alternative to Botox if that particular weight works well for a patient.

Reducing Glabellar Lines (11s)

The frown or glabellar lines are the notorious “11s” that appear between the eyebrows. Loss of collagen in the skin combined with years of scrunching together the eyebrows create these frown lines. Jeuveau injections and other neuromodulators work by blocking the nerve signals that contract the glabellar muscles on the brow. The goal is to relax the muscles enough to stop the crease in the skin while still allowing normal facial movement.

Jeuveau treatment is similar to Botox with about the same number of units and injections. The procedure only takes about 15 minutes, and most patients have minimal to no side effects beyond the desired results. Most neuromodulators take up to a week to see the full effects of the muscle relaxation, but some patients report quicker results from Jeuveau than other neuromodulators. However, each patient responds differently to the treatment. All neuromodulators seem to have similar lasting effects, which tends to be about 3-4 months before the treatment wears off.

If you have frown lines that you want to smooth away from your brow, Jeuveau or another neuromodulator treatment may be right for you. To learn more about all your options, contact us at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center at our Irving, TX, office to schedule a cosmetic consultation today.

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