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Your skin changes as you get older, losing volume, elasticity and firmness. Lower production of collagen is to blame for many of these changes, which begins to occur for most people in their thirties. Collagen is responsible for about 80% of the skin structure – loss of collagen is what causes wrinkles, lines and sagging of the facial skin. At Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center, we offer minimally invasive facial skin tightening at our clinic in Irving, TX.

Every area of the face is impacted by skin laxity. On the forehead, worry and frown lines appear and the eyebrows lose their youthful arch. Around the eyes, crow’s feet, eye bags and droopy skin can appear. The midface can begin to show more noticeable nasolabial folds and drooping cheeks. In the lower third of the face, marionette lines, lip lines and sagging jowls can occur as the skin loses elasticity. Even the neck looks older as lines and sagging skin appear.

To fight the beginning stages of sagging skin, you need to increase collagen production. While you can buy collagen supplements, it does not target the facial skin. At Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Stefan Shuaib and our aesthetic team can perform facial skin tightening treatments to induce collagen production for a more youthful appearance.

Minimally Invasive Skin Tightening

Thermal energy delivered deep into the skin can stimulate collagen production. The thermal energy triggers a healing response to repair the cells with collagen. While the skin is not actually damaged, the new collagen adds volume and firmness. Over the following weeks and months after the treatment, the skin begins to look tighter and more youthful.

Facial skin tightening can be used all over the face and neck or in targeted areas. The procedure is comfortable and well-tolerated with minimal recovery needed. The improved appearance of the skin can last for years, but additional treatments are needed to maintain the results.

If you have noticed sagging skin, lines or wrinkles on your face or neck, minimally invasive skin tightening may be right for you. To learn more, contact us at Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery Center. We can schedule a skin tightening consultation at our facility in Irving, TX.

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